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Carol's Cat Page

This page has been submitted by my daughter Carol:

I always wanted to be a vet but ended up teaching.

When I came to Spain I had decided I would adopt a street cat. I'd never had a cat before so had no idea what I was doing or where it would lead.

I live in Almería, Spain and there is no official TNR (Trap, Neuter Return) programme so everything is done by associations. At first I worked on my own helping out a few street cats and bringing a few home. People would bring me poorly cats or tiny cats and one was even left on my doorstep. I managed to rehome a few and kept the rest.

I currently work with Alma Felina Almeria where we rescue, foster and adopt cats in Spain and Europe.

Facebook, search: Alma Felina Almeria
Instagram (Click for link)
Tiktok: almafelinaalmeria_

I am the associations ICU, any really sick cats generally come to me as I have the time, patience and expertise required to deal with difficult cases.

If you would like to help us out, follow us on social media, share our publications, donate via facebook, paypal or bizum (links to Paypal etc to go here) and if you are looking to adopt, get in touch!

My 11 cats on order of when they arrived:

I took Cassie and Ellie from a friend's garage where a feral mum had given birth. Knowing what I do now, I wish I had set a trap to sterilise the mum cat 😓 Elly loves attention from anyone but Cassie is super nervous and very dependent on me.




Who was abandoned near my house. He was so friendly I just couldn't leave him. He was about 8 months old when I found him. He will be around 11 or 12 years old now. My dad's pal!


Saffy came from the same stray mum as Ellie and Cassie. She is very nervous and a bit of a psycho!


Bonny was a teeny kitty when she was brought to me. Very beautiful and very lazy.


Baby was 12 hours old when I caught someone throwing him on wasteland. I bottle fed him and he is the love of my life

The rest of this page is under construction:

Apolo and his broken leg

Izzy's babies born at Carol's

Carol Misi and Baby

Four orphans from different mothers and places

Tittí, abandoned by her mother at a few days old, bottle fed by Carol


A Cat Shed. OK Carol, it's a Chalét

Page Maintained by Carol's Dad