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1980 Honda CB750 Custom Exclusive

Moving on

The first part of the story about my Honda CB 750 Custom Exclusive can be found here.

The next part of its story is on this page where you are now.

In August 2014 I gave the 750 to my youngest son as my wife had bought me a brand new bike. Having only enough space to stash one bike, I had to part with the 750. Unfortunately, it then sat in a garage for two years completely untouched and deteriorated quite alarmingly.

In 2016 my youngest son passed the bike on to my oldest son who, as I write this in 2021 has been doing a great job of renovating it.

Here are the images I have so far:

Click/tap on the images to see the original high quality version.


The battery was dead, so a new one was fitted and the engine started up

How it looked before starting the job

Then the tank and seat were removed

Concentrating on getting it to run, the coils were replaced, this was something that had needed doing for years

Scum on a breather

Perished carb rubbers

Carbs removed for cleaning and renovation

Air box and battery box removed

Tail disassembled, straightened and cleaned up

New rear shocks bought


New shocks fitted

The original front brake lever and reservoir were in a poor condition


I had tried to repair the seat on several occasions but it had just got a bit too delapidated and needed a new cover

The clocks are one of the unique items on the 750 CE and needed a good clean up

New clutch lever and reservoir

John had a new seat cover made and we were very pleased with the result, the logo was stitched in gold thread, very nice

The front calipers needed attention, replaced the brake lines and nipples, cleaned up the pots

New brake lines for the rear brake

The tail light assembly was tidied up

The new front brake lever and reservoir

June 20th 2018, the current state of the bike

The new 4 into 2 exhaust, shipped from the US at great expense

A few new parts. Clutch cable and grips. Also (maybe a wry smile here), side panel grommets. If you read about the side panel disaster (here), you would know that these should have been replaced a long time ago

The back end before attention to the chain and sprockets

Chain and sprocket set replaced, not sure if John replaced the cush rubbers, did you John?

New chain and sprockets fitted


It was a long time before John got around to fitting the new exhausts as he knew it would be a tricky job with parts needing fabricating to mount them properly



The new ones

Downpipes fitted

Finding the best angles for fitting using plastic ties

New mounting brackets had to be made


Taxed, MOTd. Out and about


Attention to a few small details, before and after images of the seat grab strap mounts

It's a yellow painted bulb

The bike is now vintage, not in the eBay sense where everything is vintage, it is now officially old and doesn't need tax or MOT. John is allowed to fit a black number plate to her


John and Luke
New Exhaust

Plans For The Future

Yet to do, engine and frame, so it's all going to come to bits again.

Meanwhile, we have both been enjoying riding her. Sadly, there's no proof of this which I must remember to make next time by wearing the GoPro